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Adventure park Sky Fox

Adventure for any age!

Sky Fox Adventure Park is waiting for you! Located in a beautiful oak forest, near the city of Poreč, it’s one of the largest Adventure parks in Croatia! Exceptional safety standards for children and adults enable you to enjoy a diverse offer: Birthday parties, Colour tracks based on your age, the Giant swing which will take you to forest heights, free-fall will trigger an adrenaline rush alongside the Bike-track for riding fans. Additionally, with the Human table football and the Footpool, you can enter the world of the biggest table football and billiard you have ever seen!

What we offer?




GOLD (Orange tour (4 m), Red tour (10 m), 5 Zip lines (250 m), Quick Jump (10 m), Giant swing) 220 Kn
SILVER (Orange tour (4 m), 5 Zip lines (250 m), Quick Jump (10 m), Giant swing) 170 Kn
ORANGE (Yellow tour, Orange tour (4 m), 5 Zip lines (250 m), Quick Jump (10 m)) 150 Kn
BLUE (5 Zip lines (250 m), Quick Jump (10 m), Giant swing) 120 Kn
YELLOW (Yellow tour - More times acompanied by parents) 100 Kn
Human table football (Group 8 - 12 people / 30 min) 100 Kn
Footpool (Group 2 - 4 people /30 min) 80 Kn


Adventure Park Sky Fox
52465 Tar


+385 91 33 45 490

working hours:
10-18 h


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