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Fun in Istria with the city of Pazin!

If you were ever wondering what kind of fun you can do in Istria, Croatia, during your vacation time, then the Pazin Abyss can enrich your holiday. Locally known as Pazinska jama, it is one of best vacation activity you can find in Central Istria.

Not just a tourist attraction

When you visit Croatia, you certainly want to explore what kind of things to do. One of the best places in Croatia is located in the heart of Istria, right next to the city of Pazin. Walking trails, spectacular waterfalls, medieval castles and rich forests make this area full of wonderful natural sights and rich gastronomy. Refreshing yourself in the lake Zarečki krov, known as one of the prettiest continental beaches in Istria, serving as a photo point for beautiful waterfalls, will serve not just as one of the attractions, but a peaceful area where you can relax and just enjoy the surroundings.

Ride the slide!

Tourist attractions make Istria one of the top destinations for families looking to explore this peninsula or friends looking to have fun during their vacation. As the only zip line in Istria that spreads above a canyon, Zip line in Pazin, locally called Pazinska jama can be one of the activity where you can bring your small children and your grandpa! We’ve seen it, it’s true!

Jump and climb!

Also known for its impressive nature, the Central Istria area can provide amazing attractions and activities to enjoy. The Rope Jump in the Pazin Abyss will mesh your adrenaline, but the feeling after, it’s really priceless. Most active during the month of August the event can engage your adventurous spirit and laughter along the way!

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