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Hello September in Istria!

Croatia has its peak season during summer, but if you want to swell into autumn fun in Istria, we’ve collected top reasons to visit Istria during autumn.

Everything is open and active

From restaurants to attractions, the fun doesn’t stop at 30°C, everything is open and usually less crowded. Gastro festivals, museums, art exhibitions, all of them bring a special tone to the Istrian experience. Kids can have fun in Poreč or Pazin, with a variety of activities and attractions that Istria has on offer. Last minute deals usually cost less and the weather is not that bad, too!

Hello September in Istria!


Cities in the coastline like Umag, Novigrad, Porec (locally known as Poreč), Rovinj, and Pazin in the hinterland, can offer a variety of local attractions that you can enjoy indoors and outdoors. The weather during fall is not too cold, but not too hot either, so you can experience Istria with fun things to do all year-round!

Hello September in Istria!

Attractions and activities

Your vacation during July or August doesn’t have to finish as the temperature drops a bit. The air gets lighter, the Sun gets friendlier and attractions are more than welcoming! Go-Karting, zip lining, exploring dinosaur excavation sites and shows during the whole year, discovering aquariums and adventure parks can only enrich your vacation and provide a special kind of fun.

Hello September in Istria!

Additional resources

With each reason to visit Istria, you will fall in love with this region and its fun gems that can be experienced only in this magnificent peninsula. If you’re not sure where to go first, you can also check out our Facebook page to inspire yourself for a perfect vacation!

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