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Istrian region – What to see, where to go?

Istria is the perfect region in Croatia for exploring the history and enjoying the present. Ancient cities like Pula or Poreč demonstrate the Roman power once ruled in its glorious amphitheater and localities. From the dinosaurs’ era to this day, Istrian hidden secrets are still being discovered.

Istrian region – What to see, where to go?

Culture and history

One of the best preserved Roman amphitheatres in the world is situated in Pula, on the South of the peninsula. Medieval towns, like Motovun, Pazin or Grožnjan still capture the spirits and beauty of a bygone era. UNESCO’s world embraced Euphrasian Basilica in Poreč with its impressive mosaics; the Baredine pit and Pazin Abyss guard the underground protected animals and lakes, while the Glagolitic Lane witness one of its kind monuments of the past Glagolitic script. Exploring Istria is discovering the eclectic past and an interesting present.

Istrian region – What to see, where to go?

Attractions and adrenaline

The Istrian region is a unique paradise suited for a diversified experience for the youngest and oldest. The famous national park Brijuni hides a safari park within its beauties, Dinopark will take you into the oldest excavation site of dinosaurs in Istria, with real sized dinosaurs, cycling and diving will provide tours by roads and the undersea, while adventure parks will test your adrenaline spirit. Sports and activities don’t end there; racing with friends and family, with Go-karts or off-road tours, is open for everyone while exploring the medieval town of Pazin, zip lining offers a breathtaking view, while skydiving will examine the basics of human courage.

Istria is famous for its beaches, fun activities, exploration, history, culture, and people. Visitors can enjoy in its splendour, take organized tours and have an unforgettable holiday.

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