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Porec - the most famous Istrian city

One of the most famous city in Croatia, right beside Rovinj and Medulin in its vacation popularity, Porec has entertained families, friends, people from all walks of life, and created unforgettable, lifetime memories.

Porec - the most famous Istrian city

Cultural heritage

One of the most famous buildings in Porec, the Euphrasian Basilica in the Historic Centre, hides beauties that even UNESCO recognized as rare and one of a kind. If you’re looking for a historic activity, then just walking around the centre will reveal cultural sights, unique in style and architecture.

Porec - the most famous Istrian city

Activities for kids and adults

When you start exploring Porec, you will encounter many activities and fun things to do in and around the city. From natural attractions to events and sports, one can find everything that suits your interest. Children can have fun in the historic dinosaur park, with lots of shows and activities that the whole family can enjoy, or jump and slide in one of the most popular adventure park in the area. If you’re more of a speed fan, then Kart-Cross and Motodrom Porec can make your adventure fulfilled with adrenaline and racing activities.

Porec - the most famous Istrian city

Adventure for everyone

If you’re looking for a dive into the Istrian underworld, the speleo-adventure can entice your explorer spirit and take you into a unique experience of discovering Istrian caves. By visiting exhibitions you can also experience traditional Istria, and encounter gastro delights that will become your number one reason to visit Istria again.

During your stay at Porec, fun can be also encountered in the unique Aquarium and Terrarium where you can learn about Adriatic and exotic animals, and take pictures to share with friends!

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